Kinetics move things with the power of their minds. Construction materials, improvised weaponry, themselves and friends – all the classic stylings of a poltergeist without being fake or dead.

Class 1

throwing things around; with relevant skills, attack or construct; suppress velocity and weight

Class 2

flight; precision; many-object coordination; counteract mass and volume


Class 3 kinetics exert force beyond the capability of technology, enabling human conquest of the stars. ‘Pollies’ are the most prestigious parapsychics, but there are plenty of advanced applications for the parakinetic faculty.

  • Polykinesis: movement at superrelativistic velocities and distances. A polykinetic with enough power and a way to aim can ‘catch’ and ‘throw’ cargo/passenger containers between cities, worlds or solar systems. In sufficient Communion, there is no limit to their reach. With a clear path or sufficient recklessness, this ability is equivalent to teleportation, and frequently compared to the classic “a lever and a place to stand”.
  • Nanokinesis: manipulation of matter down to the level of subatomic particles, performing fine surgeries or material transmutation. The difficulty nanokinetics face is their own concentration – if it weren’t for the human limit of attention (roughly ‘a few things’ at a time), they have the raw power to construct complex objects from base materials. With sufficient time and atomic-scale blueprints, it’s still feasible- particularly for electronic circuitry. Other nanokinetics use <power> to apply much simpler molecular changes on a grand scale, producing oil from water or gold from lead.

xxx gravity control? passive freedom from intertia?


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