Psychic Character Creation

Talent Points

Parapsychics in FATE have an extra trait category: talents. These are assigned to the five categories of Talent, behaving mostly like skills. Creche-trained characters begin with 6 rating points to assign; they can trade up to two stunts for 2 extra talent points each. Talents do not use the pyramid rule, but a character can only start with a maximum of 6 points in one Talent. Each point above 5 grants a parapsychic specialty.

Kleene Classes

The Kleene scale for rating parapsychic abilities roughly corresponds to talent points, except that it is a ranking of the character’s highest ability, not a summation. A class 2 kinetic who was also a class 1 oracle would be considered a class 2 parapsychic overall.

Class 1 parapsychics (talent rating 1-3) are capable of human-scale deeds by mental prowess alone.
Class 2 parapsychics (talent raiting 4-5) can perform feats of mindpower which are beyond normal human limitations, while still operating within the bounds of known science.
Class 3 parapsychics (talent rating 6+) have the ability to obvert one or more laws of nature – doing the impossible.


Marion is a specialised parapsychologist. Starting with 6 talent points, Marion buys Telepathy 6. On the Kleene scale, Marion is a Class 3 parapsychic with one highly developed faculty.

Judicael, a full-spectrum ‘multi-talent’, trades 1 refresh for 1 stunt and 2 stunts for 4 talent points, then buys Psychokinesis 4 as well as Metabiosis 2, Parasense 2 and Stoichea 2. Although rated Class 2, he’s a one-brain band, a modern savant who barely has to interact with the world using gross physical action.

Psychic Character Creation

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